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Business Support Services

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ASCOM Support Services help our clients’ keep their operations and businesses running smoothly, we provide comprehensive support programmes to meet all of your requirements. We will plan and design a program or service to keep your business running at maximum capacity, we provide and create optimal, safe, and cost-effective solutions that allow you to remain flexible, effectively managing change, development, and the future needs of your business.

Mechanical Services

ASCOM can provide total Mechanical Support Services, including project management, site surveys, planning and design, storage, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance, and fabrication. The ASCOM team work seamlessly and tirelessly in collaboration with our clients, in order to achieve pre-defined goals and objectives, providing a timely and efficient service with equipment and methods reflecting the latest technological advancements and best working practices, that keep up with their growing and evolving business needs within this fast-paced complexed environment.  If your product development is moving slower than the speed of current technology and your competitors, then we are here to serve. We have a proven track record of delivering high quality mechanical services across industrial markets throughout Iraq.  All works are undertaken by specialist personnel, qualified, trained and experienced to conduct all works in a safe manner to the highest of standards.

Technical Services

ASCOM provide high-end Technical Support Services in the following fields, Intruder Detection Systems, Multi-Purpose Alarms, Electronic Security Barriers, CCTV monitoring, Security lighting and Fire Prevention and Fire Safety.  We create and provide physical security plans that are enhanced with our technical security solutions, technical solutions provide psychological deterrents to intrusion, technical solutions that aid in the timely and pin-point detection of intruders, our technical solutions are significantly impactful in high-risk, low traffic, vulnerable areas, reducing risk and loss to your business.  We can offer comprehensive multi-layered security systems to enhance your current security standards, and or assist our clients in their pre-planning and design of their technical security systems designed to support the physical security solution, ensuring the security and safety of people, infrastructure, and assets.

Equipment, Tools & Materials Supply Services

ASCOM can hire and or procure for our clients, a myriad of heavy plant machinery, light vehicles, construction equipment and tools as well as construction materials, sand, gravel, concrete, tarmac, bricks, blocks, wood and steel.  We can also provide sea containers and prefabricated units to meet all of your storage, office and accommodation requirements, including but not limited to, containerised kitchen, dining facility, laundry unit, barbershop and gym with all equipment to meet the welfare requirements of a large workforce operating in remote locations.  These assets can be moved and reinstalled, as and when required.

Maintenance Services

ASCOM have demonstrable experience in providing high-end cost-effective maintenance programmes of remote sites, electrical systems, vehicles, plant machinery, tools, generators, lighting, HVAC, REEFER units, cold storage warehousing units, water treatment services, plumbing and carpentry, we also conduct total rig and oilfield camp maintenance.  Our maintenance programs maximise our client’s operational capability and output, reducing costs associated to unwanted and unnecessary repairs and replacement of equipment, mitigating the risks attributed to failure and loss, whilst ensuring compliance is at all times maintained.

Cleaning Services

ASCOM can design and implement highly efficient and hygienic cleaning programmes for facilities of all sizes, programs include daily, weekly and monthly inspections, with integrated deep cleans which are conducted at planned intervals during the program. The robust inspection program ensures ASCOM management oversight and adherence the highest standards are at all times maintained by ASCOM staff.  ASCOM domestic engineers are trained to the highest of standards, our pre-work surveys will ensure all requirements and expectations are met, our programmes and commercial offering will include all appropriate cleaning materials, equipment and training requirements.

Generator Services

We supply the full range of leading brand electrical and diesel generators, our generator services include, site surveys, risk analysis, generator selection, site selection for generator unit and fuel station, fuel pod bund, spill kit, firefighting equipment and auxiliary equipment, ground preparation, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning.

Generator Installation services include: Siting of generator(s), fuel station, exhausts systems, fuel bund, fire wall, auxiliary fuel and cooling pipe work systems, submersible high voltage cabling and earthing systems, siting of spill kits and firefighting equipment if so required.  Upon completion ASCOM engineers and technicians will conduct synchronisation of multiple units, test and commission all works, complete a risk assessment to ensure all levels of compliance have been achieved, with all risks identified during the initial survey, having been eliminated, reduced, isolated and or controlled.

Post instalment and commissioning, ASCOM can provide daily, weekly and monthly service programs, we also enable heavy works including, engine and electrical overhauls and complete generator renovations.  Our generator servicing and maintenance programs conform to and adhere to the manufacturer’s standards and user-guides, we provide after commissioning support for your generator to ensure the asset runs at all times at the required optimum level, saving you time and money, we ensure your needs are met first time, every time.

ASCOM offer servicing and maintenance end-user training to ensure our clients can competently operate their generator(s), conduct efficient and essential basic checks and servicing.  End-user training often proves to be highly cost-effective, in support of end-user maintenance and servicing we provide remote support and technical advice.  Alternatively, ASCOM can deliver all, we will take on the responsibility with our 24/7/365 onsite total management system.


ASCOM provides a broad range of consulting services of an advisory and intellectual nature provided by expert consultants who are invested in our clients and entirely focused upon the relevant individual market places across the industry and the clients end state. Our consultants use their professional skills to study, design, organise, and manage projects, encompassing multi-faceted activities and disciplines. These include the drafting of policies, compliance and regulatory advice, integrated solutions, change management, planning and engineering studies, and architectural design services, supervision, risk management, social and environmental assessments, technical support, and overall programme implementation.

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