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Cold Storage

Our Cold Storage Solutions can be designed to your exact requirements and specifications, we can construct a single structure, small or large open floored chiller room or a multi-unit comprising of any number of independent compartmentalised cold storage rooms with increased capacity and volume, operating at independent temperatures.  Irrelevant of the size, each room will be fitted out with appropriate independent chiller units as well as a reserve unit, providing contingency for chiller failure, we will also install where possible to do so, dual power and synchronised power supply options to reduce facility failure, providing contingency planning for power outages.

Chiller unit failure, or power source failure, compliance to cold storage discipline will ensure the perishable products stored within will continue to be stored at the designated storage temperature for a further 3 days, failure of a second support chiller within the same storage unit reduces that period to 1.5 days.

In the unlikely event independent chiller units all fail, the products will be moved to one or more of the remaining cold storage rooms within a compartmentalised facility, to preserve the perishable products. If the unit comprises of only one single storage unit, we will implement a robust contingency plan to preserve our clients’ assets, by supplying mobile freezer assets at no costs, until such time our technicians have repaired the main storage unit. ASCOM guarantee the safety of your assets, whilst under the care, supervision, and management of the ASCOM team, our clients will incur zero loss.

Our technicians and supervisors will at all times adhere to the chiller unit manufacturers specified servicing and maintenance programme.

Clients may opt to be the end-user and not require onsite management, ASCOM can provide a chiller unit engineer who will be on call 24/7, the engineer if required can be on site within a contractually pre-agreed timeline to investigate the issue, if required take the appropriate corrective action to rectify the fault and resolve the issue in support of our client.

Cold Storage Chiller Maintenance Programme

Ensure condenser coil fins are clean.

Refrigerant levels are correct.

Ensure reverse blower is working properly.

Check that evaporator coils and unit cooler fins are clean, ice prevention.

Ensure proper full load cooling.

Check control panel for faults and test.

Ensure refrigerant is in good condition, and at the proper level.

Check control valves for proper functionality.

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