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ASCOM provide fully integrated logistic support solutions to our clients, with individual service lines including, procurement, supply chain, inventory, warehouse management, last mile logistics and full life support solutions. We are a client-centric organisation with demonstrable past performance, affording us a deep-rooted understanding of the commercial landscape and complexities that come hand in hand with the working environment. ASCOM engages in detailed engagement with our clients allowing us to better understand the logistical goals and objectives, deliverables, and expectations.

Our robust and cost-effective logistical solutions save our clients valuable time and resources, which can be better invested within their core business operations. Our flexible, efficient and cost-effective logistical solutions allow our clients to expand and or retract their operational footprint quickly and efficiently, unhindered by known and often unforeseen complexities that derive from conducting business in Iraq.

ASCOM manage and maintain a register of local national and international industry complaint subcontractors and suppliers, all ASCOM subcontractors and suppliers have successfully completed the ASCOM Due Diligence process. ASCOM’s extensive list of registered subcontractors and suppliers provide our clients with a logistics resilience plan, affording financial and operational assurance.

Our strategic Capability Uplift Plans, reduce and or negate risks associated to loss, allowing ASCOM to respond quickly to market changes, generate and champion new and innovative ideas, empower product and process ownership, developing and implementing sustainable and compliant business strategies.

ASCOM have a deep and thorough understanding of the local and international markets, HCN customs regulations, enabling us to manage complex logistical projects from inception to conclusion. ASCOM logistics deliver by land, sea and air, we deliver first time every time.

ASCOM logistically support businesses working directly and indirectly in support of the O&G industry. Our business activities are conducted and regulated in accordance with ISO standards, HSE regulations and industry best practice. Every effort is made to reduce our carbon footprint produced as a direct result of our business activities, we remain committed and determined in reducing our environmental impact and the impact our business activities have on the local communities in which we work and live.

ASCOM strategic workforce planning promotes client competence, providing the motivational bedrock that supports our high-end services. Strategic workforce planning improves the quality and standards of the services and products delivered to our clients by ensuring our current and future workforce has the right capacity, skill set, values, and behaviour to meet the future business needs of our client’s, the Oil & Gas Industry and Government offices of Iraq.

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