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ASCOM recognise the complexities that derive from keeping operations running smoothly 24/7, time and resources are money, logistically supporting a team that is continuously mobile is both time consuming and can prove to be extremely expensive.  Our concept designed around supporting rig operations, brings a sustainable and cost-effective deployment concept, which supports a large mobile and multi-faceted team during long-term, remote, and mobile deployments with the full spectrum of transportable assets and the support team capable of delivering those life support requirements and standards afforded to static Facilities Management sites.

This concept can easily be adopted to large pipeline engineering activities, providing a rolling safe and secure support network to our clients and our supporting staff.

These transportable assets will be logistically supported with fuel and water tankers, allowing for sustainable remote life support over longer periods of time with unhindered power and water supply.  ASCOM will take care of your waste disposal, disposing of all site waste from the vacated site with a cradle to grave mentality and approach, your waste will be disposed of in the correct manner.  The entire Mobile Support Team will move with the client whether that be a rig team or with the engineering team developing and laying long distance pipeline.  The concept is simple, with no grounded/fixed assets movement and continuous support is guaranteed, ASCOM afford our clients and their supporting teams to move at will, based on their operational timeline, terrain and travel distances, providing our clients with all of the amenities associated with fixed life support facilities, if required we can add additional units such as a welfare unit and gym, we go above and beyond our clients’ expectations!

We can design and construct the following mobile assets to your exact requirements and specifications.

Operations Room and Offices.

Dining Facility and Canteen (DFAC).

Cold storage REEFER.

Dry Storage (Warehousing).

Mobile Clinic.

Mobile Shower and Toilet unit.

Collapsible Flat packed Accommodation units.

Generator units.

Chain Link Fences, Gates, and barriers.

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